Professional Paint Brushes

Professional paint brushes hold more paint and distribute it more evenly than cheap brushes, minimizing brush marks and paint ridges. A smoother paint film gives you better coverage and uniformity of sheen.

The quality of a paint brush is based upon its individual components:

  • The working end of a paint brush is the bristles (filaments) used to apply the paint. Synthetic filaments are typically made from nylon, polyester, and other man made materials. Natural bristle brushes are made with animal hair such as natural hog hair and ox hair.
  • The heel is the section of the brush where the assemblage of filaments fit into the ferrule.
  • The brush handle The brush handleis the part of the brush that is hand held. Handles are usually constructed from wood or plastic. Handle styles for paint brushes vary according to their primary use and how they are typically gripped.
  • The ferrule is the part of the brush that holds the handle and the heel (top end of the bristles) together. Ferrules are often made from stainless steel, rust resistant steel, copper, and leather.
  • The Plugs are small dividers inside the ferrule that spread the bristles to create a reservoir in order to carry paint.

The working end of a paint brushes can be evaluated by the characteristics of the bristles contained within it. Following are a list of terms used to describe the attributes of paint brush bristles typically found in professional paint brushes:

  • Tapered – Various lengths of bristles are blended together to form a thinner working end and allow smoother paint application. You will find that the bristles in the center are slightly longer than those at the edges.
  • Chiseled – The paint brush has a pointed edge shaped similarly to a chisel
  • Tipped – The way the bristle ends are finished. Quality paint brushes have tipped bristles which result with flagged ends, allowing the paint to spread more evenly.
  • Flagged Ends – The ends of the bristles are divided into finer hairs. These split ends occur naturally with china bristle and ox hair bristle. Flagged ends are created during the manufacturing process for synthetic filaments. Flag tips allow the brush to hold more paint and disperse it more evenly, reducing brush marks.
  • Proportions of bristles – Blended synthetic filaments or natural bristles should have the proper proportion of soft and stiff bristles.

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