Setting Up a Paint Roller

A nine inch paint roller is a typical size (width) used to paint most walls and ceilings. Seven inch rollers and mini rollers are better suited for smaller areas where a nine inch roller becomes awkward. Whichever size roller cover you choose, attach it to the proper size roller frame.   

Set Up
Slide the selected roller cover onto a corresponding roller frame, with the beveled edge of the roller cover facing away from the handle.

A paint roller tray along with a disposable plastic tray liner is a convenient paint vessel for small and medium paint jobs. The plastic tray liners not only save time with the clean-up but they also make it easier to switch colors. Pour the paint into the tray leaving adequate space, about six inches to prepare the roller with paint. Dip the roller into the paint and roll it several times over the shallow ribbed area of the tray. Repeat the process until the paint is evenly distributed over the roller.

For medium and large paint jobs, a 5 gallon bucket equipped with a roller screen works well. Place the roller screen into the five gallon bucket with the hooks hanging over the rim of the bucket. Pour up to 2 ½ gallons of paint into the bucket. Load the roller cover by dipping into the paint about 1/2 inch and then rolling it against the screen several times to evenly distribute the paint.

A five gallon paint bucket with a roller screen or a nine inch roller tray not only accommodates a nine inch standard roller, but also can be used with a 7 inch roller and a 3-4 inch mini roller. Similarly, a two gallon paint bucket with a corresponding roller screen works well for a 7 inch roller and a mini roller. A one gallon paint bucket with a corresponding roller screen or a mini roller tray is also available for 3-4 inch mini rollers.

Extension Poles

Once the roller cover has been prepared with paint, attach a telescoping fiberglass extension pole or a wooden extension pole to the end of the roller handle. A 2-4 ft. telescoping fiberglass extension pole or a 4 ft. wooden extension pole provides a comfortable reach up to eight feet. This size is well suited for standard height interior walls. A 4-8 ft. telescoping extension pole is better suited for walls up to 12 feet and may also be preferable for ceilings. Larger extension poles, 6-12ft. and 8-16ft. are available for greater reaches.

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