Paint Masking Sundries

Paint masking sundries are used to protect surfaces from exposure to unwanted paint and paint related contaminants. They include masking tape, red vinyl tape, masking paper, red rosin paper, folded masking film, painters plastic, adhesive backed plastic, and liquid mask. Popular name brands include “3M, Suretape, Husky, and Film-Gard”.

Masking Tape
Masking tape is a paper tape with an adhesive backing. It is used for almost every type of paint masking. Masking tape works well on a hand masker along with masking paper and masking film. It can also be used independently for many other paint masking applications.

Roll Sizes: (3M)

  • ¾ inch x 180 feet
  • 1 inch x 180 feet
  • 1-¼ inch x 180 feet
  • 1-½ inch x 180 feet
  • 2 inch x 180 feet

Masking tapes are graded in the following ways

  • amount of adhesion – this ranges from very high to low
  • type of adhesive – rubber base or acrylic
  • time allowed before removal becomes necessary – typical range from 1 to 60 days
  • resistance to UV from the sun
  • resistance to moisture
  • compatibility with solvents

Potential problems can be avoided by using the proper grade of masking tape. For example, high adhesion tapes can damage delicate surfaces. They may also be difficult to remove if left on a surface for too much time. Different manufacturers have different product guidelines. Take care to select the grade of masking tape that will best serve your paint masking project.

Red Vinyl Duct Tape
Red vinyl duct tape is both very adhesive and waterproof, much the same as standard duct tape.
It adheres well to difficult masonry surfaces such as brick, stone, stucco, and concrete. Red vinyl duct tape is available in most paint supply stores.

Roll Sizes: (3M)

  • 2 inch x 150 feet x 6.3 mils

Masking Paper
Masking paper is primarily designed for use with a hand masker.It provides an inexpensive and convenient way to protect surfaces from contact with unwanted paint.

Roll Sizes: (3M)

  • 3 inch x 180 feet
  • 6 inch x 180 feet
  • 9 inch x 180 feet
  • 12 inch x 180 feet

General purpose brown masking paper is an economical product for use with water base paints. It also works well as a layer of protection from drifting overspray. General purpose brown masking paper has a limited resistance to moisture and is not resistant to solvent penetration.

Solvent resistant green masking paper is a slightly more expensive than the general purpose paper. Because of its resistance to solvents, it works best with oil base paints and lacquers.

Red Rosin Paper
Red rosin paper is a durable and somewhat moisture resistant paper product well suited for covering hard surfaces such as hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors, and counter tops. It also can be used to cover exterior surfaces such as a concrete or brick patios and wood decks.

Roll Sizes: (sizes may vary)

  • 36 inch x 167 feet       (501 square feet)
  • 36 inch x 140 feet       (420 square feet)

Folded Masking Film
Masking film is high density plastic sheeting designed to be used with a hand masker. It is available up to an unfolded width of 144 inches. This maximum width has the ability to cover large areas such as walls from top to bottom. Narrower widths work well for covering doors, windows, and passage ways. Masking film is both solvent resistant and water proof and can be used in all types of house painting applications.

Unfolded Sizes: (3M)

  • 12 inch x 180 feet
  • 24 inch x 180 feet
  • 36 inch x 180 feet
  • 48 inch x 180 feet
  • 72 inch x 90 feet
  • 99 inch x 90 feet
  • 144 inch x 60 feet

Painters Plastic
Painters plastic is light weight, high density plastic sheeting that can be used in a number of ways. It works well as a tarp to cover furniture. It can be used to cover openings to form a barrier and keep dust or overspray from migrating to other rooms. Painters Plastic along
with masking tape can also be used as an
alternative to folded masking film.

Rolls Sizes:

  • 9 feet x 400 feet x .00031 inches
  • 12 feet x 400 feet x .00031 inches

Adhesive Backed Plastic
Adhesive backed plastic is designed to stick to carpeted surfaces. It works especially well on carpeted stair treads. A typical roll size is 21 inch x 30 feet or 52.5 square feet. Different sizes may be available.

Liquid Mask
Liquid mask is water base masking liquid that dries into a non-tacky film. It is a fast way to mask glass on paint grade windows and doors. It can be applied either by spray or brush. Liquid mask is packaged the same as paint. Liquid mask may not be a suitable paint masking product for certain types of glass.

Once the painting is complete, the masking can be removed by scoring the perimeter of the glass with a razor blade and peeling off film with your fingers. Be careful not to scratch the glass when removing the film. When scoring the perimeter of the glass, be sure to keep the razor blade tight to the edges to avoid scratches. If there are any rubberized or other type of glazing along the edges of the glass, masking with tape may be a better alternative.

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