House Paint Supplies

House paint supplies also known as paint sundries are consumable goods that are used in the painting process. They are not paints, primers, or tools for painting but rather all the other products used to carry out a successful paint job. These products are designed to assist with the basic painting steps such as paint masking, paint prep, painting application, and paint safety.

Each type of paint sundry is typically produced by more than one manufacturer. Similar products sometimes have slightly different characteristics of workability and performance. Many paint stores carry a selection of brand names.

The following is a list of the most common supplies for house painting arranged according to type of use.


acrylic caulk
elastomeric caulk

Cleaning and Etching Concrete

alkaline base cleaner
muriatic acid
sulfamic acid

Cleaning and Etching Metal

phosphoric acid
acetic acid

Cleaning and Etching Painted Surfaces

tri-sodium phosphate
enzyme cleaners
liquid sandpaper

Drywall Repair

drywall tape - fiberglass
drywall tape - paper
joint compound – all purpose
joint compound – fast dry
replacement drywall
drywall fasteners (1-1/4 inch flat head screws)


spackling paste
spackle - dry mix
lightweight spackle
painters putty
oil glazing putty
water putty
polyester filler
clear penetrating epoxy sealer
epoxy wood filler

Masking and Covering

masking tape
red vinyl tape
masking paper
red rosin paper
folded masking film
painters plastic
adhesive backed plastic
liquid mask

Miscellaneous House Paint Supplies

tack cloths
paint strainer bags
cone strainers
razor blades
stir sticksPaint Removalpaint and epoxy remover
varnish and stain remover
chip brushes
scouring pads, steel wool

Paint Solvent for Thinning and Cleanup

paint thinner
mineral spirits
naptha thinner
lacquer thinner
denatured alcohol



  • aluminum oxide sandpaper
  • silicon carbide sandpaper
  • garnet sandpaper

sanding sponges
sanding discs
pole sander paper

Wood Deck Maintenance

deck cleaner
deck stripper
deck brightener

Wood Staining and Clear Finish

solvent base wood filler
water base wood filler
colored wood putty
wax fill sticks
touch up pens

Work Safety

maintenance free particulate respirators
half face-piece respirators
full face-piece respirators
replacement cartridges
safety glasses
disposable latex gloves
chemical resistant gloves
spray hood
spray sock
shoe covers
disposable coveralls

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